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  • RC2 and RC3 class burglary-resistant systems according to EN 1627:2011, also providing superior sound insulation and fire protection
  • indoor applications with less than 80% intermittent relative humidity, both for suspended ceilings and partitioning walls
  • residential buildings: walls between apartments and between apartments and hallways
  • commercial buildings that store valuable goods (banks, shops, jewellery, currency exchange offices)
  • busy areas with heavy traffic (stairwells, hotels, schools, hospitals, gyms)


  • Burglary-resistant: Resistex allows to install partitions in burglary-proof systems without the need for sheet metal (partitions class [RC2 and RC3] (https://www.siniat.en/ro-ro/products-systems/systems-plasterboard/plasterboard walls/anti-burglary) in accordance with EN 1627:2011);
  • Sound and fire protection: with Resistex board, burglar-resistant partitions achieve superior sound insulation and fire resistance;
  • Due to the impact resistance of Resistex board, burglar-resistant partitions can be used in high traffic areas;
  • Resistex board is moisture resistant (absorption class H2 according to EN 520 + A1: 2010);
  • Easy to install: although it has significantly better mechanical characteristics than standard plasterboard, installation is done with normal self-tapping screws and cutting is done with a cutter.

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