LaDura is a gypsum plasterboard with a high-density gypsum core, heavily treated to wicken moisture, reinforced with hardwood fibres and fibreglass, whose surfaces and longitudinal edges are covered with a special multi-layered cardboard.
Specially developed for heavy-duty applications with extreme demands, the LaDura high density board meets the most demanding technical requirements: fire protection, high acoustic level, moisture resistance, shear strength, tear resistance, impact resistance.

Further information


  • burglar resistant systems class RC4 according to EN 1627:2011;
  • crowded areas with heavy traffic;
  • schools, hospitals, sports halls;
  • cinemas, museums and art galleries;
  • wholesale and retail warehouses;
  • public areas that are prone to vandalism, prisons, detention centres, etc.


  • fire protection
  • high sound insulation level
  • moisture resistance
  • shear resistance
  • tear resistance
  • impact resistance

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