AquaBoard is a board recommended for use where moisture, mould and fire resistance is required. It is composed of an additivated gypsum core reinforced with glass fibres and a yellow fibre backing on both sides of the board.

Further information


Outdoor use:  

  • Multi-layer thermal insulation wall systems
  • Ventilated lining
  • Balcony partitions
  • Suspended ceilings and canopies
  • Roof soffits
  • Structural element lining
  • Curved surfaces with a minimum radius 1.50 m

Indoor use:

  • Wall systems, suspended ceilings and wall lining in areas with high humidity (swimming pool, sauna, spa, unheated basement, car park, restaurant...)
  • Primer for ceramic tiles


  • Chlorine vapour resistance
  • Water resistance
  • Mold resistance
  • Easy to cut, clamp and handle
  • Technical performance
  • Durability


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