CREATEX Cube C8/18 n0

NIDA Sonic C8 N0 becomes CREATEX Cube C8/18 n0 Createx C8/18 n0 boards are continuously perforated boards with the back side covered with a special acoustic coating. This sound insulating board features 8mm square perforations evenly arranged on the surface. The acoustic membrane is white.
The perforated plasterboards in the Createx range feature the CAPT'AIR technology to improve indoor air quality, which absorbs formaldehydes from the air and transforms them into neutral, inert compounds, preventing their re-emission into the air. This board is also available in a WAB moisture-resistant version, for areas with constant high humidity.
Since all 4 edges are V-tapered, when finishing with** the ready-made compound Siniat Mix**, the gap between the tiles is obscured and the surface remains immaculately white.

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Ceilings and walls in public and commercial spaces:

  • schools (classrooms, gymnasiums, halls, corridors and dining halls)
  • offices
  • recreational or sports facilities (cinemas, auditoriums, stadiums, bowling alleys, shooting ranges)
  • hotels (receptions, conference halls)
  • shopping centres (passages, open spaces, shops)
  • recording studios


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